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ARGASOL For Pets - Silver Supplement | 10PPM | 250 ML


ARGASOL For Pets - Silver Supplement | 10PPM | 250 ML

Well-researched and patented formula Ag4O4 is produced with advanced technology that makes it stable under room temperature, thus no refrigeration storage is required. It is a completely non-toxic and safe oral solution. 

Argasol™ Silver Supplement helps support the immune system and is proven to maintain optimal health by effectively tackling illnesses caused by bacteria and viruses. It is highly effective in killing germs, fungal, bacteria, & yeasts infections. It also inhibits the activity of viruses, supporting and protecting the immune system.

This Argasol™ for Pets, Silver Supplement has lower parts per million (PPM) and is made to safely treat furkids with diseases relating to bacterial, viral, fungal infections like flu, asthma, gingivitis, stomatitis, liver issues, pneumonia, etc. 

Pet parents can orally feed your cat or dog directly with a spoon/ syringe, or simply adding into their clean drinking water. This also makes a great nebulizing solution for furkids with asthma and respiratory troubles that needs daily treatment on a long-term basis. 

Recommended ORAL Dosages:

  • 2.5-5 ML, twice daily
    * to be taken separately from food and water containing salt
    * interferes with body's absorption of certain pharmaceutical drugs, including antibiotics and thyroid medications. 

Made in USA

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