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Tail's Tale

As parents to our furkids and active volunteers in animal welfare activities, we treat animals as family and part of our community. This is why we are serious in providing ONLY the good stuff; products to inspire healthier and happier lives for you and your animals.
Our curational buying is divided into DURABLES and CONSUMABLES. The former includes a collection of fun and functional pet carriers, toys, and more while our portfolio of consumables like quality pet food, supplements and litter (which are coming soon) are especially hand-picked to enhance animal care. Alongside, we provide exemplary services in case you wonder what products best fit your family’s lifestyle, or how to better care for your beloved animals.
Lastly, we advocate and strive to leave behind as little carbon footprints as possible while enjoying an inspiring lifestyle with our animals. So, do check out our bunch of products that are biodegradable, sustainable, and recycled.