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SANAVRAY Woundcare - 50ML


SANAVRAY Woundcare - 50ML

"...within a few days on the infected open wound, the unpleasant smell disappeared, and the damaged tissue began to heal. With daily application for about a week, the wound was already closed. - Mohamad"

A surgical hemostasis solution. SANAVRAY is the answer to rapid and effective treatment of both acute and chronic wounds in animals. Made with a proprietary formulation of phenolic compounds which has been reported in over 700 studies to be clinically observed to repair damage skin by providing pro-healing support to wounds, burns, ulcers and external tumours.

Stops bleeding
Reduction in discomfort, irritation, and pain
Stops wound exudate
Removes necrotic tissue
Removes odour
Antioxidant effects on ROS in the wound environment
Bactericidal (kills the bacteria) and bacteriostatic (suppresses the growth of bacteria)
Promotes rapid skin regeneration and reduces scarring

Rapid cessation of bleeding
Safe and effective for post-surgery wound care 
Suitable for all types of wounds including acute, complex and chronic wounds
Supports healing by promoting growth of granulation tissue Reduces scarring by stimulating cell production and fibroblast proliferation

Spray on the affected area several times daily or as necessary until recovery is complete. Cover area if necessary. To stop bleeding, soak gauze with SANAVRAY and press on the wound for ten seconds.

Product of SANAVRAY, Singapore

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