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ARGASOL Professional Silver Supplement | 30PPM | 500ML


ARGASOL Professional Silver Supplement | 30PPM | 500ML

Argasol™ is a well-researched and patented formula Ag4O4 that has proven to boost the immune system, eradicate bacteria, fungi and stops viral replication. Using an advanced nanotechnology, the result is a stable, non-toxic and safe solution for humans animals alike.

The Professional Silver Solution can be used orally and topically. 

  • Use TOPICALLY to treat wounds, ringworms, yeast infested ears, eye infections, etc.
  • Use ORALLY for furkids (or humans) to help treat diseases relating to bacterial, viral, fungal infections like sore throat, flu, asthma, gingivitis, stomatitis, liver issues, etc. 

For easier administration, pet parents can fill a spray or dropper bottle. You can orally feed your cat or dog directly with a spoon/ syringe, or simply adding into their clean drinking water. For topical use, clean wounds by irrigating generously, and use it as eye and ear drops for infections. Also, this makes a great nebulizing solution for furkids with asthma and respiratory troubles.

Recommended ORAL Dosages:

  • 2-3 ML, twice daily
    * to be taken separately from food and water containing salt
    * interferes with body's absorption of certain pharmaceutical drugs, including antibiotics and thyroid medications. 

Product of ARGASOL, USA

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