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ARGASOL For Pets - Wound & Sanitization Gel | 24PPM | 44 ML


ARGASOL For Pets - Wound & Sanitization Gel | 24PPM | 44 ML

Argasol™ Wound and Sanitization Silver Gel in 24 parts per million (PPM) is a revolutionary wound healing and germ protection gel. It has been clinically proven as a broad spectrum anti-bacterial aid against wound and skin pathogens.

Its 4-hour continuous bacteria protection also kills yeast and fungi, helping to manage hot spots and localized skin infections. The gel is an effective antimicrobial, emollient and skin protectant. It does not sting and is gentle on skin of your pet.

Argasol™ Silver Gel is indicated for the management of traumatic wounds, cuts, abrasions, rashes, skin irritations, post surgical incisions and burns. Recommended to clean affected area with Argasol™ Wound and Sanitization Solution before applying a thin layer twice/ thrice daily, or as often as needed. Also suitable for use with other secondary dressing product and help ease discomfort of burns, wounds, bites or itches. 

Safe for use around the eyes, mouth and nose as it is non-toxic. 

Product of ARGASOL, USA

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