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MO & HAKU Probiotic Deodorizer, Lavender 250ML


MO & HAKU Probiotic Deodorizer, Lavender 250ML

Fast acting and long-lasting odour remover with not just Zinc but also Probiotic blends for absolute effectiveness. Zinc inhibits VSC that causes malodours and has anti-bacterial properties while Probiotics, the good bacteria neutralizes bad bacteria that causes odour formation. 

NOTE: Minute lavender essential oil is meticulously infused for a calming light scent for both pets and humans. 


  1. Breaks down the soil that generates odours, preventing odour formation
  2. Continues to activate in the presence of malodours whilst you go about your daily life, neutralizing and reducing odours for longer time. 
  3. NO harmful chemicals and ingredients present. Safe, non-toxic to pets and humans. 

Suggested application areas:

  • Carpet and fabrics
  • Waste bins & refuse collection area
  • Cat litter boxes
  • Human/ dog/ cat beddings
  • Vehicle interiors
  • Refrigerators
  • Safe to use on most hard surfaces

Product of MO & HAKU, Bali

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