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RETROMAD1 for Dogs and Cats


RETROMAD1 for Dogs and Cats
  • RETROMAD1 for Dogs and Cats
  • RETROMAD1 for Dogs and Cats
  • RETROMAD1 for Dogs and Cats
  • RETROMAD1 for Dogs and Cats
  • RETROMAD1 for Dogs and Cats

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® is a scientifically proven molecule that can kill viruses that cause fatal diseases in cats and dog, namely feline leukemia, feline infectious peritonitis, feline pan leukopenia, canine parvovirosis and canine distemper.

RetroMAD1® is derived from the bio-synthesis of three distinct antiviral peptides that are secreted by plants and animals to naturally defend themselves against infections.

RetroMAD1®, being a naturally derived protein, has excellent safety margins and can be stored without need for refrigeration in its sealed and unopened bottle for up to 2 years from date of manufacture.

1.0 mL of an aqueous solution contains at least 4.0mg of the bioactive protein, RetroMAD1.

© RetroMAD1® is a trademark of Biovalence Technologies Pte Ltd

RetroMAD1® is indicated for use in cats and dogs of any age suffering from medically important diseases of viral origin like feline leukemia, feline infectious peritonitis, feline panleukopenia, feline herpesvirus type-1, canine parvovirus infection and canine distemper, just to name a few. 

RetroMAD1® is an aqueous solution that can be given orally or via sub-cutaneous injection. For optimal absorption, oral administration should be given 30 – 45 minutes before meal times.

The dose regimen of RetroMAD1® depends in the viral disease and state of the health of the pet. Please refer to following dose regimen chart for recommended guidelines. 

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to clarify with us. 


Dose per KG for oral administration (30-45 min before food) 

Dose per KG for Sub-cutaneous injection

Number of doses per day

Indicative duration (days)

FeLV (Feline Leukemiavirus Virus) &
FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus)
0.3 ML 0.15 ML 3 90
FIP (Feline Infectious Peridonitis) - 0.5 ML 3 40
FPV (Feline Parvovirus) - 0.5 ML 3 10
FCV (Feline Calicivirus) 0.5 ML 0.25 ML 3 10-20
FHV-1 (Feline Herpesvirus) 0.5 ML 0.25 ML 3 10-20
CPV2 (Canine Parvovirus) - 0.5 ML 3 10
CDV (Canine Distemper) 0.5 ML 0.25 ML 3 15


US Patent 9155800.B2
EU Patent 2661451
China Patent 10342961.1B

RetroMAD1® contains a patented bioactive protein derived from biosynthesis, and kills viruses by blocking their entry into the cells and their replication inside the cell.

Advantages of Biosynthesis:

  Biosynthesis Chemical Synthesis Extraction from plants and animals
Protein Yield Very High High Not High
Quality Pure: Standardized and consistent Pure: Standardized and consistent Impure: Not standardized or consistent
Impact on the environment No chemical or bio-hazardous waste. Chemically hazardous waste that further adds to the cost of waste disposal Unethical as it requires keeping animals as biofactories in cages


What is Biosynthesis? Biosynthesis is the use of GRAS-status micro-organisms to help in the manufacture of bioactive proteins on a large scale. It is more commonly called fermentation, like in the making of beer and yoghurt. In this case of biosynthesis, the objective is to induce the micro-organism under specific fermentation condition to make and secrete a particular bioactive protein in large amounts. The bioactive protein is then extracted and purified, and bottled under sterile condition. This results in consistent batch-to-batch quality.

Is RetroMAD1® safe? Yes, RetroMAD1® is safe. RetroMAD1® is derived from naturally occurring bioactive peptides that are secreted by the immune system of animals and plants to defend themselves from external aggression like viruses, bacteria and fungi. RetroMAD1® has been shown by the company’s in-house studies to be well tolerated by different animal species1. RetroMAD1® has been used by many pets globally since its launched in April 2020 without any reports from adverse reaction.

Have there been published data? Yes, RetroMAD1® has published data in cats and dogs showing successful treatment for feline leukemia and canine parvovirus infection.

Can RetroMAD1® be used with other supplements? To-date, the company is not aware of any contra-indications with other supplements, medication and palliative treatment. However, be sure to discuss possible interactions with us by writing in at We have a team of veterinary experts who can help you.

What precaution must I take when administering RetroMAD1®? There is no specific precaution to be taken when administering RetroMAD1®. However, as a bioactive protein that requires absorption by the gut, it is recommended to give RetroMAD1® to the pet outside of meal times. This is to avoid sub-optimal absorption of RetroMAD1® with the food matrix. RetroMAD1® is shown to resist digestion by gut enzymes, appearing in the blood within 30 minutes of oral administration and peaking at one hour thereafter.

How do I administer RetroMAD1®? RetroMAD1® comes in a sterile aqueous solution of pH 11 in a glass bottle with a rubber cap and metal seal. The product does not contain any preservative. The dose recommendation is between 0.15mL and 1.5mL per kg of body weight, t.i.d., orally. It is recommended to use a graduated syringe to aspirate the contents from the bottle and administer directly into the mouth of the cat or dog. Unused contents are stored in the refrigerator.

Do we need to use a refrigerated courier when importing? Do they need to be refrigerated all the time? RetroMAD1® is stable at room / ambient temperature for 24 months from date of manufacture in its sealed and unopened bottle. It can be transported, stored and handled without the need for refrigeration. We have also shown that RetroMAD1® is stable up to 40°C up to one month. However, once opened, the unused content of RetroMAD1® is recommended to be stored in the refrigerator as RetroMAD1® is microbiologically sterile and does not contain preservatives.

How long does RetroMAD1® last after opening the bottle? If kept in the refrigerator, the opened bottle can be stored until expiration date. However, before use, it is recommended to check for any persistent turbidity as this may be indication of bacterial growth. The 15mL bottle, which is for home use is designed to be used up within a month.


ORAL Administration steps:
1. Check that the rubber seal and metal ring are not been tempered with. If not tempered, then the content is sterile;
2. Tear open and discard the metal ring;
3. Wipe the top of rubber seal with alcoholic disinfectant and leave to dry);
4. Stick a clean syringe attached with a sterile needle into the bottle through the center of the rubber seal;
5. Aspirate the quantity of RetroMAD1® required;
6. Detach syringe from needle and administer the contents orally to your pet;
7. Wash the syringe with clean water;
8. Remove the needle from the rubber seal and screw it back on the syringe and cap the needle. They can be reused.

SUBCUTANEOUS Administration steps:
A. Follow steps 1 – 5 from ORAL administration
B. Pull needle and syringe from rubber seal, then cap the needle;
C. Guide your pet into a comfortable position then gently pinch a small part of loose skin from its back;
D. Locate the spot in the middle of the pinched skin and wipe with alcohol to disinfect;
E. Inject solution into the disinfected spot under the skin, taking care not to do it intramuscularly;
F. Clean injected spot with alcohol swap again after removing needle from skin.

15ml bottle
50ml bottle
90ml (Box of 6 x 15mL)
100ml (Box of 2 x 50mL)

Veterinary Product of RETROMAD1®, Singapore

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